In the Zone

I can tell already that writing this blog is going to reinforce Flylady’s concepts.  Yesterday, I could feel myself wanting to have this blog all planned out perfectly.  I was starting to stress that I didn’t have a Master Plan of Topics to address for the next 365 days.  But, of course.  For I am a recovering perfectionist, thanks to Flylady.  Flylady gets right to the core of the reason for my struggles with housekeeping by telling me that the reason I don’t get started with the housework is because I can see that there is no way that I can do it perfectly and keep it up perfectly (long ago I tried and it is put-me-in-the-hospital-with-pneumonia exhausting, not to mention impossible).  So, I find myself wanting this blog to be perfect, too, until I hear Flylady’s voice in my head saying, “Housework done imperfectly still blesses your family.”  Yes, blogging done imperfectly will still bless someone:  me!

So, yesterday, I was trying to get to the mission for the zone of the week, which was tackling a hot spot in the living room.  I have struggled over the past 8 months to find a specific time each day to do the missions and I often felt guilty about not accomplishing each one.  I finally made my Control Journal a couple of weeks ago and decided where in my routine I could accomplish each day’s mission.  During that time yesterday, I headed toward an end table in the living room to see what had accumulated there.  And what did I find?  I found Levi, our second daughter’s fiance (who lives with us for the moment), already straightening the end table.  He was unaware of the mission for the day, but, there he was, accomplishing it for me.

And that got me to thinking.  One year ago, I would have been totally stressed at the thought of someone unrelated to us living with us for any length of time.  That would have meant that I would have had to try to keep up the “perfect for company” housekeeping for days on end.  Just thinking about that now gives me shivers.  Yet, this year, I have had TWO future-sons-in-law living with us, stress free, all because of Flylady’s urging me to develop a routine that keeps my house free from CHAOS at all times — and giving me the tools to develop that routine.

Oops…my 15 minutes are up!


2 Responses to “In the Zone”

  1. Paige Says:

    I finally decided to do one mission a week, whichever one I felt like. Surely I can fit it in one a week (maybe).
    It would be really interesting to read a new post about how flylady is working for you now, a few years later.

  2. Cheyenne Says:

    I’m grateful for this blog! Here it is, Sept. 1, six years after this was written and I am planning on reading through the year with you. So excited to have company along the way and learn from your thoughts and experiences. 🙂 Blessings to you from the future, LOL!

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