Riley Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I have only recently designated a specific time each day to accomplish the zone mission.  Along with completing each day’s zone mission, I am motivated to apply the Riley Challenges to our children’s routines on a regular basis.  Many of the Riley Challenges do not apply to our children’s rooms (for example, we don’t have closets in their rooms because we have a LARGE central Family Closet, so stray clothing in their rooms is not an issue for us).  Consequently, one thing that I wanted to do this fall was to associate an applicable challenge for each Riley Challenge that did not match our children’s needs.  That way, each time that particular inapplicable Riley Challenge came up, I would automatically have an alternative ready for our children.

So, here I was, all pumped for the first Riley Challenge of this week (although I admit that I hadn’t developed any list of alternative challenges, yet), when it came through.  The challenge was to empty the trash cans in their rooms.  Oh, that is applicable to all of my children.


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