Weekly Home Blessing “Hour”

Another thing (in addition to incorporating the Riley Challenges more effectively into our routine) that I had not quite figured out until I made my Control Journal a few weeks ago, was how to accomplish the Weekly Home Blessing Hour.  Because we have a large family, we have a large house.  There is no way that we could get the tasks on the Weekly Home Blessing Hour list done in an hour.  I know.  I tried.

First, I designated a specific time each week that we would set out to accomplish the Weekly Home Blessing Hour. I knew from experience that I could not be one of those people who spread it out over the week.  Next, I knew that I would have to do some major delegation.  I knew that the job of mopping the main floor of our home (we have vinyl composition tile throughout our home to make it easier for wheelchair users to zoom around) — and the main floor ONLY — takes me at least an hour.  I needed to keep that task for myself because it involves mopping with an industrial-sized mop and my younger folk haven’t quite developed the physical strength for the job.  (Hmm…maybe I could train some of the olders, though, so when they are at home during the Weekly Home Blessing Hour, they could take over.  I’ll have to think about that.)  That left vacuuming the two area rugs, dusting the main floor furniture, polishing mirrors and doors, purging magazines, changing sheets and emptying all trash.  Those items could definitely be delegated to the 12-and-under crowd.

We set Thursday mornings as the time for our Weekly Home Blessing Hour because we are motivated to have our home look especially nice for Mary, our physical therapist, who comes once a week for Early Childhood Intervention with Anne.  Last week was the first time we tried out the new routine and it went fairly smoothly.  We didn’t get everything done (I’m pretty sure that there was no polishing of mirrors and doors), but I think that the kids got the idea.  It didn’t take very long when we all worked together and the kids still got in their regular morning “learning routine.”

So…we’ll see what happens this morning.

P.S.  Yesterday, Joey hit his head very hard putting Anne’s car seat in the Suburban and, after becoming extremely dizzy, then lethargic and unresponsive after he got to school, was transported to the hospital via ambulance.  The CT scan showed that he only had a severe concussion, thank the Lord.  This morning, after experiencing such a whirlwind of activity and emotions yesterday — especially as I followed the ambulance to the hospital, not knowing if Joey were conscious or not — I found comfort in being able to go back to routine.  I’m so grateful that Joey is fine and that we can get “back to normal” today!


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One Response to “Weekly Home Blessing “Hour””

  1. Paige Says:

    I wonder if flylady means to “spot mop” for 10 minutes? It takes me 6 hours (i think- I haven’t done it for 10 months) to do a “perfect” job. Yes, I have a but of perfectionism. 🙂
    I know a lady with 11 children who would take a rag and mop up the sticky spots after each meal. It only took about 60 seconds or so. I have thought about that pretty often since I don’t have a whole hour to mop anymore. Not that I do it or anything. 🙂

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