Hormonal FLYing

Does a wonderful little friend, so adorably nick-named “Miss PMS,” park herself, uninvited, at your house?  If not, please quit reading.  If so….

Here’s one thing I love about Flylady routines:  no matter how I feel about doing housework at any given time of the month, my routines are smiling at me from my Control Journal, inviting me to go ahead and complete them, because, “It’ll take you less than 15 minutes, and what’s 15 minutes?”  Sometimes, I would like to remove those cheerful little smiles from my inviting routines’ faces, but, instead, I grudgingly, ploddingly agree with their perky little urgings and go ahead and complete them.  And, of course, when I have done my routines, Little Miss Judgmental PMS cannot sit on my couch and berate me for being a slacker or unorganized or a “bad mom,” since — hahahahaha — the sink is shined, Mt. Washmore is still conquered, the hot spots are cleared and lunch is in the crock pot.

I know there will come a day when Miss PMS will stop badgering me, but until then, I will just keep dusting and vacuuming around her.  I can’t hear her pestering me when the vacuum cleaner is on.

P.S.  When I really need a guaranteed, quick laugh (like, um, today), I visit Cake Wrecks. Too bad my blog isn’t as funny as hers. (Oh, be quiet Miss PMS!)



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