Renew Your Spirit Day

Since I was ahead of the game with Family Fun Day on Friday, I thought I would declare yesterday “Renew Your Spirit Day” for this week.  Actually, it wasn’t an intentional declaration at first.  I was pretty much emotionally, and even physically, worn out after Joey’s concussion accident on Wednesday.  The 10-minute drive I took following the ambulance, wondering the whole time if Joey were unconscious (or worse!) inside, took its toll, believe me.  I haven’t had a body-draining sympathetic response like that since the last time I spent many miserable moments wondering if Joey were alive when he didn’t show up at home long after he was supposed to be finished with parent-teacher conferences one evening.  (His pick-up had run off the road in the mud and he was walking home in the rain, in the dark.  This was pre-cell phone, so I had no idea where he was or what had happened.  But, that’s probably another story.)

Anyway, Joey was feeling substantially better yesterday AND Jacob and Tim were both home if he needed any help, so he encouraged me to take some time to be alone and just chill.  I decided to go to Mom and Dad’s to watch some college football, but when I turned on the television, “What Not to Wear” was on.  Since I have lost weight since last fall and winter, I had been mulling over what new pieces of clothing I was going to need so that my next stop at Goodwill would be efficient.  The general thoughts about what I needed were floating around, unorganized, in my head.  I had planned to visit Missus Smarty Pants, but hadn’t yet carved out a time to do that.  So, I took this opportunity to really concentrate on the wardrobe advice given on the show and I came up with my general scheme for my fall wardrobe.

Ah, I was feeling revived already.

Then, I watched a show that I had never even heard of before called “The Messiest Home in the Country: 3.” The family whose house was being de-cluttered was in serious need of some Flylady!  It took 400 large plastic totes and 75 really big cardboard boxes and 300 giant trash bags to remove the clutter from their home. Yet, they could not admit that they had a problem.  I suspect that their house is on its way to being cluttered again because they did not own up to their having a real issue (to say the least) with holding onto “stuff.”  It made me really appreciate all of the ways that Flylady urges us to address the underlying reasons for keeping clutter so that we can truly rid ourselves of it permanently.

Oh, and I did end up watching a little bit of college football.

P.S.  I want to clarify that I would not usually categorize television watching as something that “renews my spirit.”  I generally consider activities like worshiping at church and meditating on, studying and reading the Bible as activities that renew my spirit.  So, I’m off for some “real” spiritual renewal now this Sunday morning.


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