Dog Hair + Rubba Scrubba = Clean

Our oldest son, Jacob, owns and operates his own dog grooming shop.  He works very hard and does a great job, I think — not that I’m biased or anything.  His shop was in need of a deep “fall cleaning,” so we decided to take advantage of our “extra” time this Labor Day weekend and tackle the project.  Jacob and I worked inside while Tim did an amazing job on the lawn and landscaping.  Tim had a whole lot of nice tools at his disposal to assist him in his work:  hedge clippers, lawn mower, shovels, rakes.  But, inside, Jacob and I had the ultimate tool:  the Rubba Scrubba.

This was the first time I had taken the Rubba Scrubba to the dog shop.  I had found a million little jobs at home for the Rubba Scrubba, but I had never put it to the test like I did yesterday.  And it passed with flying colors.  I used it to clean off the dog hair that was stuck to the walls before I washed them down with a microfiber cloth.  I used it to scoop up the dog hair that had accumulated in the corners before I scrubbed the floor with it.  I cleaned out the bathing tub (it really got the rubber mats super clean) and the utility sink and the fans.  I can’t believe that I am saying this, with my history of detesting cleaning, but I actually had FUN cleaning because the Rubba Scrubba made it so easy.

Another great thing about using the Rubba Scrubba was that I didn’t have to use any cleaning product stronger than a little dish soap in my water bucket because the Rubba Scrubba just grabs the grime all by itself.  This is a great advantage for using it in the dog shop because Jacob doesn’t like to use any chemicals that might potentially irritate any of his doggie clients.

Jacob is sold on the Rubba Scrubba, now, and is going to invest in several for the shop, including the Rubba Sweepa.  Oh, and while we were cleaning, I was expounding on the advantages of having a Control Journal, so I’m going to help him make one for his shop today.  Flylady, you and your tools are impacting a whole new generation.


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