Crock Pot Conversions

Oh, oh, oh!  I was so excited to see the crock pot cooking time conversions that Leanne sent out the other day! If I can figure out a source for linking them, I will.  (I figured it out!  Check out this link.)  The reason that I was so excited is that I use the crock pot at least 5 times a week, usually more.  Sometimes, things go awry in our routine and I still want to use the crock pot recipe that I had planned, but I don’t have the crock-pot-time to do it.  Enter the crock pot conversion guidelines to save the day!

Take yesterday, for example.  I took an unscheduled trip to the doctor for Charlotte’s pinkeye issue.  I had a crock pot macaroni and cheese recipe on the menu for lunch, but was unable to get it all in the crock pot before we had to be out the door for the doctor’s appointment.  Now, Clara was home, so I just asked her to concoct another, oven-baked macaroni and cheese recipe.  BUT, if she hadn’t been available, I could have just waltzed home from the appointment, glanced at the handy conversion guidelines and gone ahead with the original crock pot macaroni and cheese recipe, baking it in the oven.

And, um, I’m using the doctor’s appointment as an excuse for not getting the kitchen cupboards wiped off yesterday.  But, hey, the week isn’t over, yet!



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