Early Morning Gals

Today was our first 6:00 am Bible study.  Yes, you read that right.  SIX.  A.M.  Oh, yes, and AT. MY. HOUSE.  It’s true.  We are having a weekly, 6:00 am ladies’ Bible study at my house.  Yes, WEEKLY.  Yes, AT. MY. HOUSE.  If this doesn’t prove that Flylady’s routines have ushered in the end of CHAOS in my life, nothing does.

Before Flylady, I would probably have spent yesterday putting off doing the inevitable mad cleaning until I had no time left for anything but the “essentials.”  Then, I would have frantically dashed around, putting papers in a pile, loudly ordering the kids to pick up this or dust off that, stressing them and myself in the process.  I would have depended on Joey’s sincere contributions to this cleaning frenzy, even though he had been at work all day.  I would begin dreading next week’s cleaning episode before this week’s work was even partially completed.

But that was not the scenario at our house yesterday.  In fact, we had quite the logistically challenging day due to our having to retrieve our beef and pork from the butcher and, consequently, needing to purchase and pick up a new, additional freezer for this 600+ pounds of meat.  Our food buying club order also came yesterday afternoon.  So, I arrived home with over 1,100 pounds of food in the van that had to be put away.

Was I panicked about getting everything put away and still having to clean for the Bible study?  NO!  Why?  Because yesterday was Weekly Home Blessing Hour and the kids knew just what to do.  They got everything dusted and vacuumed and trash removed and sheets changed.  Hey, the Bible study ladies could even have spent the night with everyone’s sheets all nice and clean.  And Joey, realizing that I would be slightly out-of-routine with the trip to the butcher’s, did my part of the Weekly Home Blessing Hour (mopping!) before he went to work.  All I had to do last night was make the breakfast casserole and clear up the hot spots.

So, I’m looking forward to our 6:00 am Bible study every week at my house.  At least the AT. MY. HOUSE. part is not stressful.  But, then, there’s that SIX. A.M. thing….

P.S.  I’m SO glad that Patty, Alissa, Carol and Clara and I could get together this morning.  Thanks so much for making the effort, gals.  I think we’re going to learn a lot and be encouraged.  Hopefully, Sheree and Cindy and, perhaps, Rachel, will be able to join us.  Anyone else interested?  Come on over!



One Response to “Early Morning Gals”

  1. Sheree Says:

    So….yes….I am the 2nd comment-er??!! Sounds like Bible Study went well. I hope Rachel didn’t have sick kiddoes. I wonder if Carol would mind car pooling with her? Just a thought. I will get at my lesson and hopefully be able to take my “turn” next week!!

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