I <3 Date Night

I love it when one of Flylady’s habits is already an established habit in my life.  We’ve been prioritizing date night for years, now.  When I see “Date Night” on any of Flylady’s reminders, I immediately feel like I have accomplished something without any extra effort.  Even though I have trouble getting my daily zone mission or my 15 minutes of de-cluttering done each day, I have no trouble at all going on a date with Joey every week.

Have I mentioned that I love date night?  I love date night so much, that I am extending it right on into the next day this week.  Joey and I are going to attend an auction to try to buy a mower for the tractor.

Date nights  — and date days — would be impossible without the willingness of our older kids to babysit.  So, thanks, big kids!  Dad and I will babysit for you one day so you can make date night a priority.


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