Family Fun Evening

Even though Joey and I spent Saturday at the auction and remodeling the Dapper Dog bathroom, we still had time for Family Fun.  I really appreciate prioritizing and planning for FUN, especially Family Fun.  When we knew we would be gone most of the day, Joey came up with the idea of having a cook-out when we got back home in the evening.  Clara made hamburgers, Tim and Jacob started the fire, Amelia and Stephen and Levi came over after work and everyone was “fired up” by the time we got home with some hot dogs and the s’more fixings.

It was SO fun sitting around the campfire, singing, — oh, wait, that was just Joey and me singing since we couldn’t get anyone else to join in on “Kumba Ya” — roasting hot dogs and marshmallows by flashlight, trying to assemble s’mores in the dark until resourceful Jacob opened up his cell phone and became S’more Iron Chef, playing an unintentional game of musical chairs (the people who inadvertently got “out” ended up on the log seating), trying to keep Bud from stealing an unsuspecting small person’s food, watching a falling star and talking about how bright Jupiter is, getting chilly and snuggling.

It was some beautiful Family Fun.


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