Before I say anything else, I want to say that I LOVE Jazzercise and I am so very, very grateful that we have two wonderful Jazzercise instructors here in our small, rural town.  Having Jazzercise available three times per week means that I don’t have to come up with my own exercise plan for at least those three days.  And I really do love Jazzercising.

That said, I am wondering how a person who exercises at least five days per week — usually six — can still manage to be so sore after a workout?  My arms and quads are feelin’ it this week at Jazzercise, that’s for sure.  Kim C.’s routine is definitely kicking my rear end.

I really am grateful for this “pain,” though, because it means that my body is still being challenged instead of becoming too efficient at exercising.  I like it that I can feel muscles that I forgot I had because it means that they are being strengthened.  And I need all the physical strength and stamina that I can muster to keep up with the Flylady routines that my household requires.

(Just don’t tell Kim or she might make the set even more challenging next time.)



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