The Power of the Weekly Home Blessing Hour

Joey and I were gone all day on Thursday for medical testing for Peter and Anne and I knew we would get home late (and tired).  I also knew that we had the ladies’ Bible study on Friday morning at 6am.  In anticipation of these events, the kids and I completed the Weekly Home Blessing Hour on Wednesday (instead of the usual Thursday plan).

Let me just say that I got home late (and tired), as expected, on Thursday evening and those very same kids who had participated in the Weekly Home Blessing Hour the day before (vacuuming, taking out trash, dusting, etc.) had kept the house looking very tidy and ready for the Bible study on Friday.  Tim had supervised the younger kids all day Thursday and I know he was instrumental in encouraging everyone to keep the Hot Spots cleared, keep the sink empty of dishes, the floor swept, etc.

I was very encouraged!  Tired, yes, but very encouraged!


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