Family Fun in Two Directions

Yesterday, Joey and I went two different directions for Family Fun Day.

Tim and I went to the Bio Blitz at Rowe Sanctuary to count bird species from 7am until noon (yes, that means that we got up before 5am to make it there in time) and then to a violin workshop with Dr. Chen all afternoon.  Since these two events were already on the calendar for Saturday, I was mentally calculating how to make additional plans for some family fun once we got home that evening, as if family fun could not occur in two separate locations during the day.  Then, it occurred to me that Joey and the rest of the family could be having fun while Tim and I were having fun.  Family Fun doesn’t have to involve the entire family in one location!

So, Joey and the rest of the kids went apple-picking and we all had a jolly, family-fun-filled day.


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One Response to “Family Fun in Two Directions”

  1. Keanna Says:

    We enjoyed having you both here helping us. It was a fun 24 hours and we came away with some good data of what actually is here on the sanctuary. Thanks again for all your help!

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