Flylady and Being Away from Home

For various and sundry reasons, I have been out of the house for significant periods of each day for the past five days. Last Thursday, we had all-day medical appointments for Peter and Anne. Friday morning, I had my volunteer stint at the Scenic By-way Interpretive Center. Saturday, I was birding and violin-ing with Tim. Sunday, after church, we attended the free matinee at the movie theater and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening helping Amelia organize her basement so that she can get her sewing business up and running again. Yesterday, I had a massage (my first massage ever — it was a gift from Jacob for my birthday last year and I didn’t want my gift certificate to expire before I got to use it — and I hope it won’t be my last since I loved it) and a hair cut. Need I say that this was a very unusual week? Most weeks, I am home, home, home all day.

Yet, because of Flylady’s routines, I am NOT facing a messy house or Mt. Washmore or an empty refrigerator or any dirty dishes. Today, I can just slide right back into our typical weekday routine and not feel that I am trying to play “catch up” with anything. When I was home last week, I was able to focus on the meals and laundry and homeschooling and Hot Spots and my shiny sink because they are parts of our Flylady routines.

Thanks, Flylady!



2 Responses to “Flylady and Being Away from Home”

  1. Joey Says:

    Seems like you deserve a trophy of some sort…but then those might start to pile up :-).

  2. thetruevine Says:

    You can just give me “virtual trophies,” how’s that? 🙂

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