Relationships and Routine

As I’ve mentioned before, my love language is quality time. I love to just sit and talk to people for hours on end. Now that I have an established Flylady routine, it seems that I never sit down during the day, except during meals and quiet time. I am always moving from one task to another.

I am very happy with the results that I get from staying focused on my tasks and getting them done. I love the peaceful atmosphere in an uncluttered home. I love not having to rush around to pick things up if someone is coming over. I love having clean laundry, prepared meals, time for academics and music practice and family fun and spiritual renewal….

The other day, however, I was remembering how I used to just sit and watch a video with the kids. Now, I would have to “schedule” time to watch a video. And I started wondering if I were missing out on some relationship-building time that I had with the older kids. I know that watching a movie isn’t the same as playing a game or just talking, but watching videos together did provide many common experiences to which we often still refer.

I was consoled by one thought, though. I know that by establishing routines that keep our home running smoothly, I am a much calmer mom most of the time. I honestly feel that I don’t raise my voice as often as I used to because I don’t have to direct the kids to “hurry up” and complete some task because, now, the expectations I have of their contributing to the household are much clearer and evenly spread out over time. There is not so much rushing around to get things done.

So, even though I might not be building relationships by sitting down with the kids as often, I think I am building relationships by being a calmer mom.


2 Responses to “Relationships and Routine”

  1. Joey Says:

    And you ARE building relationships with them while you train them in these Fly lady tasks! Thank you for being a wonderful wife and mother!

  2. Paige Says:

    Those hours of sitting and doing whatever is what I miss too. I’m constantly limiting my time with the children, “only one story, because I have to finish my work”… I’m afraid the “hurries” are just as frequent. I wish I could take LONG breaks every occasionally…

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