Toenails and Flowers

One thing that makes me feel that I have done something nice for myself (a concept that is still somewhat difficult for me to justify, guilt-free) is having polished toenails. When I know that, inside my lace-up tennis shoes, there are polished toenails, I feel cheerful. Polished toenails make me smile.

I have never had a professional pedicure, so, obviously, I polish my own toenails. And I don’t really want to re-do them every week. That means that I really appreciate polish that stays put, chip-free, for a long time. And I have decided that the polish that meets my expectations is New York Color polish. However, I came to that conclusion by mysteriously acquiring one bottle of beautiful red polish. I did not buy this bottle. It appeared on my shelf. As much as I love red polish, I wanted a little variety, so, I started searching for the N.Y.C. brand of polish. I was repeatedly unsuccessful.

Then, I asked Amelia. I should have asked her in the first place, because I would bet that little bottle of red polish originated with her. She informed me that she uses N.Y.C. make-up and that I should be able to find it at Wal-mart or Target without a problem.

So, I ran into Wal-mart the next time I was near one and, sure enough, there was a whole section of N.Y.C. make-up. I’m not sure how I’ve missed that repeatedly. I think that I kept looking at areas in the make-up sections that had a lot of bottles of polish, not realizing that N.Y.C. had an entire line of make-up. Is it painfully obvious, yet, that I don’t wear make-up?

Anyway, I came out of Wal-mart with my beautiful (very inexpensive!) bottle of New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in fall-ish Lincoln Center. And because I was obviously on a “do something nice for me” roll, I also came out of Wal-mart with a lovely bouquet of flowers. So, our table is brightened by a vase full of festive mums, sunflowers, snap dragons and carnations.

And my toenails are an autumnal maroon.


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