More Missions

Ah, Monday. It’s a fresh start to the week. It’s another opportunity to get the weekly Missions accomplished. (Can you tell that I’m still trying to sort out how to fit the daily Missions into my routine?)

This morning I am mostly wondering whether my challenge to the complete the Missions is mental or physical — or both. Is my routine really so “tight” that I don’t have 15 (or, even, 5) minutes to tackle the Missions on a daily basis? Or is this more of a slightly rebellious mental game? Or, as I’ve been asking myself all weekend, is it time to set the Missions aside temporarily and quit guilting myself over not getting them done?

I think I’m not quite ready to give up the fight to fit the Missions in, though. Not just yet, anyway. And I’ve just had a “God Breeze” (as Flylady would say). I’m going to ask Clara to be my accountability partner and have her ask me specifically if I’ve done the Mission each day.

I’ll keep you posted….


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