Mission Accomplished

I am happy to report that declaring Clara my accountability partner in getting my Mission done yesterday worked. I knew she would ask me if I had done the Mission, but I put it off until right before I went to bed. I went through the living room to find the things that didn’t belong there. I found three things. THREE. I took the pair of baby socks, one hair holder and a pajama top (that had been deposited there in the last few moments when Charlotte decided to wear something else to bed) downstairs with me to put away. The entire process took me 3 minutes, at most. If I can’t squeeze three minutes out of my daily routine, I’m in trouble. So, at least for yesterday’s Mission, I’m thinking that the actual issue isn’t that I don’t have time, but that I think I don’t have time.

And when Clara asked me if I had done the daily Mission, I responded with an enthusiastic and guilt-free, “Yes!”

We’ll see what happens the rest of the week. I may be onto something….


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