Tidy as the Norm

The other morning, I had to walk downstairs to retrieve a roll of toilet paper before I had showered and dressed (someone had confiscated my toilet paper during the night because he had a runny nose). I rarely (never?) come downstairs in my pajamas anymore, so that felt kind of abnormal. Perhaps it was this abnormal sensation that heightened my awareness of my surroundings, but it was as if I were seeing my house for the first time. As I passed through the kitchen, dining area and living room area to get back upstairs to shower and dress, I noticed how TIDY everything was. This was my house. We were not expecting company today. Nothing was out-of-the-ordinary. This was just our everyday, normal house. And it was TIDY.

All I can say is, Thank You, Lord, for Flylady!



One Response to “Tidy as the Norm”

  1. Joey Says:

    AMEN SISTER, IT’S TIDY!!!! Can’t have it any other way! Thank you for finding Flylady!

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