Flylady and the Sovereignty of God (Part One, for Now)

As you may know, our weekly 6am ladies’ Bible study is using Behold Your God to delve into the attributes of God. This week’s lesson title was, “God is Supreme and Sovereign.” Right off the bat, in the introduction to the lesson, the author caught my attention with this little observation:

What could be more encouraging to us as women than to know that the God of love is perfectly in control of all things? He reigns supreme over our fluctuating female emotions, our husband’s moods and decisions, our children’s needs, our homes, as well as over the political situations that affect us. God is in control of all things, and He can never make a mistake.

Oh, yeah, that got my attention, all right. I’ve got the fluctuating female emotions, the husband with moods (not necessarily “bad”) and huge decisions on his mind, many “needy” children, a home — ah, yes, a home. A home that is being managed with Flylady routines. This is where Flylady and God’s sovereignty get used in the same paragraph.

I do believe, because God knows and cares about every single tiny detail in my life (see Matthew 10:29-30), that He led me to Flylady. He gets all the glory for every positive thing that Flylady’s routine have brought to my home and family. Once, again, I say, Thank You.

But, I’m sorry to say, gratitude isn’t what was on my mind most recently when I was contemplating Flylady and God’s sovereignty. Ever since I came to some semblance of a conclusion about Flylady routines and creativity, I have been chomping at the bit to be doing something about it. I now have a very specific crafting goal, the materials, the inspiration. What I can’t seem to “find” is the TIME. It’s almost more frustrating to me to actually have a concrete, realistic goal and the materials and not be able to squeeze out even 15 minutes to begin, than to feel puzzled about the whole idea.

Do I give up some other task that consumes my time in order to make sure I have crafting time? If so, WHAT? And I want the answer to my questions right now, God!

This is where Flylady and God’s sovereignty get used in the same paragraph, again. God already knows what I have to do to accomplish the Flylady routines. He already knows what I need to do to accomplish some crafting. It’s just that I don’t know and I’m impatient to find the answer. So, I’m back around to acknowledging God’s sovereignty in all aspects of my life, as always. Even, and especially, at this moment when I am waiting on His supreme and sovereign timing.



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