In my constant quest to eat tasty meals while keeping the Body Clutter at bay, I consume a lot of salads. I am so happy to report that our local grocery store is now carrying arugula. (If anyone who lives in a city ever reads this blog, that last sentence will probably seem humorous, but if any reader lives in a small, rural town like we do, you’ll appreciate the sincerity of my enthusiasm!)

I threw together a salad based on my yummy arugula that included salad shrimp, green olives, cherry tomatoes right off of my dad’s tomato vines and a little bit of light Italian dressing. This is not worthy of mention on any cooking show, obviously, but it made me happy. Happy and full.



One Response to “Arugula”

  1. Joey Says:

    Go Go Kart! I am blessed that it only takes arugula to truly make you happy (it’s really cheap compared to diamonds and Cadillacs :).

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