Neighborly Family Fun

For our Family Fun yesterday, I had planned an activity that would take place after quiet time and continue on into the evening after supper. Joey, Jacob, Tim and Levi were cutting firewood all day and Clara had to work. Margaret was helping with a 4-H club fund-raiser. So this fit perfectly with their plans, too.

Then, our neighbors called to say that we were invited to a hay ride and hot dog cook-out. What time? Oh, the exact time I was planning our other activity? Change of plans! Our Family Fun involved a jolly ride through the neighbors’ pasture, a nice little fire over which to cook hot dogs and marshmallows AND no kitchen clean-up for anyone. Now, that’s what I call fun.


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2 Responses to “Neighborly Family Fun”

  1. Clara Says:

    It was very fun!

    (props to Clara for taking the time to log Mom out and leave a comment!)

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