B-I-N-G-O Spells Family Fun

Yesterday, we went in three different directions. Levi and Jacob went to a state 4-H dog obedience/agility/showmanship competition. Joey took Peter, Lydia, Charlotte and Anne to pick a truckload of squash and pumpkins at a friend’s house. And Clara, Tim, Margaret, Eleanor and I went to the district Make It With Wool contest (a little more on that in a future post).

However, that great dad named Joey who lives at my house had planned ahead for some Family Fun when we all reassembled for supper. He had purchased a Bingo set at the hospital auxiliary rummage sale this month and he took the time yesterday to make sure that all of the pieces were in it. So, after supper and Bible reading, we had a rousing game of Bingo!

We had some good laughs, the kids “won” — and ate, of course — some of the coveted Lamme’s taffy that we dole out periodically. I even think that a few of us learned some new numbers along the way. That’s Family Fun at its best.


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