When the Flylady Thrill is Gone

When I first started following Flylady’s advice, the difference that her routines made in our lives was so great that it was thrilling. How wonderful to have a clean, shiny sink greeting us each morning! How fabulous that the bathrooms were swished and swiped every day! How marvelous that the CHAOS had ended and we could have people over at any time!

Now, almost a year later, I have to admit that the thrill is gone. I expect to have a clean, shiny sink greet me each morning. I am used to swished and swiped bathrooms. I routinely have people over every week.

But, I think, therein lies the beauty of Flylady. I expect. I am used to. It is routine. I don’t NEED the thrill to keep me going. It is habit, now. It would be strange to have a dirty sink, yucky bathrooms or cluttered Hot Spots.

I still love you, Flylady, even though the thrill is gone.



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