Christmas is Coming….

Oh, I am so excited to report that, thanks to the Holiday Control Journal, I bought TWO of the kids’ Christmas gifts yesterday! Since neither one of them reads this blog (considering that they are a developmentally delayed nine-year-old and a reading-but-not-quite-computer-savvy four-year-old), I’ll give a quick explanation. (Don’t count on this when it comes to your gifts, bigger kids!)

So…we are working within a rather tight budget for actual gifts this year, but that’s sometimes a rather fun challenge. However, Charlotte (who is 4) announced several weeks ago that she wanted the American Girl doll, Felicity. American Girl dolls are $105 with shipping. That wouldn’t leave much for anyone else’s gifts, but Charlotte had actually prayed that God would give me money for a doll for her for Christmas. So, I couldn’t give up that easily. I went to eBay and found a Felicity doll (no clothes) that would have been over $70 with shipping, but even that was a bit too much. All of the other American Girl doll auctions were very high. (Sometimes I wonder about eBay buyers since they were basically bidding up dolls that you could still buy new for less — and they weren’t anything “collectible” or “pre-Mattel” or anything. But, I digress.)

Then, I started thinking about why Charlotte wanted an American Girl doll. First, she sees her sisters playing with their American Girl dolls and wants to be included. Second, she loves dressing them. In fact, I believe that she chose Felicity because of her dress selection. She doesn’t necessarily want to fix their hair or play with historically accurate accessories. In fact, she’s not really a detail-oriented doll-player. She really just wants to dress them. And dress them, again. And dress them, again.

At lunch that day, I asked her if she still wanted Felicity. She said that she would take any other doll, “but it HAD to be an American Girl doll.” Whew. Okay, let’s see. I knew that Target had 18″ dolls, so I thought that the next time we were at Target, I would have her look at those dolls to see if any of them could possibly hold up to Felicity.

I took her into Target and noticed that, until Saturday this week, the 18″ dolls were on sale. I was really hoping that she could muster some enthusiasm for one of those dolls. And, yes, my hopes came to fruition! Charlotte took one look at those dolls and started analyzing them and choosing which one she liked best. Yea! I had Tim come into the store to retrieve her so I could make the purchase without her seeing me. One down….

My second Christmas gift purchase was for Lydia. Lydia loves beards and mustaches. Seriously loves them. Do you know how difficult it is to buy beards and mustaches on a regular basis? I’ve been doing it for years and it is hard. But, thanks to the Holiday Control Journal, I was thinking ahead and went into the party store where they had a bunch of Halloween costumes and a whole wall display full of facial hair. Let’s just say that this Christmas, the bearded lady will be living at my house.

I’ll say it again, thanks to the Holiday Control Journal, two children’s Christmas gifts down…ten (including Stephen and Levi) to go. This is going to be fun!


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  1. Joey Says:

    I’m laughing so hard I almost choked on my salad! (and I KNOW these people!)

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