Bunco Saves the Day

Yesterday, Miss PMS, unwelcome, as usual, kept sticking her nose into all of my business. “Aren’t you just sick and tired of trying to eat right?” she whined. “Everyone else gets to eat yummy stuff and what’s the use, anyway, since you don’t even really love the way you look with all of those stretch marks and stuff? And that goes for all that time you have to set aside for exercising, too. Sheesh. No one else exercises almost every day. The only benefit to you is that maybe some day you’ll be a healthy old person. And that’s not guaranteed. Meanwhile, you’re spending an hour a day exercising when you could be doing something FUN.”

“And what about that Flylady junk? Do you really think you can keep doing those routines for the rest of your life? You know that you still hate doing the actual housework, it’s just that Flylady has given you a method for getting those hated jobs done. Flylady routines don’t really make you like to do housework. How can you possibly keep this up for any length of time?” she droned on.

Yep, yesterday, with its gloomy, overcast weather and Miss PMS haranguing me, was “one of those days.” I was doing my best to ignore Miss PMS. I did my Walk the Walk DVD, despite the fact that the VCR had been moved to the basement TV. I did my Weekly Home Blessing Hour. (And the kids were fabulous! They knew just what to do and did it!) I made the kids’ lunch that was on the menu, thanks to Tim’s willingness to go dig some potatoes. I did laundry. The kids did their regular morning routine involving math and writing and piano and strings. We read aloud our biography of Catherine Booth and Anne of Avonlea.

However, I was definitely feeling put-upon and grumpy. I just wanted to eat whatever I felt like eating in whatever amount I desired and have no repercussions. I just wanted to spend the time that I spent exercising, crafting.

But, I knew that Joey and Amelia were praying for me. And God answered their prayers mightily. Because, last night was…


Marilyn was hosting and we had a costume party, and Miss PMS was not invited. I dressed up as a Christmas tree. Darth Vader was there. Pippi Longstocking came, too. A very cute Bunco die rode to Bunco with Eowyn and me. We played Bunco with a Renaissance gal, a “swamp monster” (maybe?), a cow, a beach bum, Little Red Riding Hood, a clown, a pumpkin and “someone” wearing a shirt that read, “I don’t do costumes.”

By the time we were coming home from Bunco, I was no longer feeling put-upon or grumpy. I think I’ll go exercise right now and then do some of my Flylady routine.

Take THAT, Miss PMS!


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