Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Christmas Gifts

Okay, I am totally Flywashed! I read the Holiday Cruising Mission for Anti-Procrastination Day this week and, get this, I went straight to my computer and ordered the two Christmas gifts that I had already pulled up to purchase but hadn’t actually paid for, yet. Unbelievable, huh?

Usually, my practice for ordering online is first, finding the item that I want to purchase. Then, doing an exhaustive search for the absolute lowest price. THEN, putting off actually buying the item until it is absolutely necessary in order for the item to get to our house in time for Christmas.

Obviously, there is a heavy dose of perfectionism involved in that practice.

So, this week, I found two items for two of the kids. They were very good prices. I double-checked the prices and quality of the items with Tim and Joey. They both agreed that these were good purchases. Then, I let the items sit in my “cart.” Why? Was I waiting to find a better price? Did I think I would actually find the items at a local store? Did I somehow think that I might need the money for something else and if I spent it, it would be gone?

Whatever my subconscious reasoning, I overcame my former tendencies and made the purchases. Yes, I am totally Flywashed. I could grow to like this new way of buying Christmas gifts.

P.S. I did the same thing a few weeks ago with “Someone’s” birthday gift. Happy Birthday, dear!


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One Response to “Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Christmas Gifts”

  1. Joey Says:

    Thank you!!! I think someone else’s is coming up soon!

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