Missions, Again

It’s been working well for me to bunch up the weekly missions into one session. I just plan for a time when Joey is home so I can speed efficiently through the list. It really seems to take no time at all.

Again, I think there are a couple of reasons for this. First, no small children are interrupting me with their (real or perceived) needs. Second, I am focused on that one Zone area so my actual work is very efficiently done.

I try to plan to do my Missions when I have an immediate reward (like, Date Night or Spiritual Renewal time) in the near future. When I realized that I had been planning this way, I had a big, “Duh!” moment. Flylady often recommends working for 15 minutes, then doing something you want to do for 15 minutes and then repeating as necessary. Oh, yeah, that little reward time can be quite motivating. I have just never practiced this type of 15-minute “reward” system in my daily schedule. Of course, that got me thinking again about working time for crafting into the daily routine, so, around and around I go….

Flylady keeps me thinking, as well as cleaning.



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