Family Fun at Strictly Strings

Every year since 1999, at least one child from our family has participated in the middle school strings festival, Strictly Strings. Strictly Strings is one of those activities that I absolutely love because each child has an individual experience by participating and, additionally, it provides a wealth of opportunity for family unity because we have this common experience over the years. This is the same reason that I love the 4-H program. But, I digress.

This year was Margaret’s first time at Strictly Strings. She tried out for a violin I chair and that was a “first,” too (well, not that she got “first” chair, obviously!). Amelia, Clara and Jacob took her to the try-outs and got to give her a lot of advice on the way there since they had all tried out before. She has worked very hard on the music, with Tim’s help, and has made huge strides in her playing skills this fall in preparation for Strictly Strings.

So, how does all of this become Family Fun? Well, we have a “tradition” of attending the concert and then going out to eat at Carlos O’Kelly’s after the concert. Everyone looks forward to this event and yesterday ALL of the kids (well, except Stephen and Levi) got to attend. At one point, I realized that, as I sat in the bleachers, I was literally encircled by 8 of my kids.

Now, that what I call Family Fun!


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