Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Paper Products

Ever since I started working on my Holiday Control Journal, I have been shocking myself. Just this week, I actually purchased the paper products that I will need for our Thanksgiving meal. Shocking, I know. Especially since my typical Thanksgiving practice has been to use a set of dishes that was Grama Coffman’s that she got from a bank for opening an account (or something like that). I actually like using these dishes for Thanksgiving because they are autumnal in theme and I don’t use them a lot otherwise.

However, what I have found happens is that I don’t plan ahead far enough to actually get them out, wash them up and set them out until Thanksgiving morning. On Thanksgiving morning, when we are cooking for our expected crowd (we have between 25 and 35 people here), I am usually hollering for someone to “get out the dishes” and I’ve probably already asked that someone to do another vital task. Last year was a little different, not because I planned ahead, but because Priscilla supplied disposable plates. And, you know, it worked out rather well not to have to do a lot of dishes both before and after the meal.

So, this year, by utilizing the Holiday Control Journal and thinking of and planning for our holiday events well in advance of the actual holiday, I was contemplating plates. Well, in total honesty, I was contemplating serving dishes and hadn’t gotten around to contemplating plates. BUT, since I had been thinking ahead, when I waltzed by the Thanksgiving paper products at Wal-mart the other day, I was able to quickly conclude that disposable plates worked well for us last year, that I had enough money with me to purchase the plates and that putting off buying them would be to no advantage. This is a shocking line of thought, let me tell you.

So, thanks to Flylady, two whole weeks before Thanksgiving, I have purchased the paper products for the big event. Will wonders never cease?


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