Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Bethany’s Wedding Shower

Did that title make you wonder? Even for a second? Wonder no longer. There is a simple explanation for the association of Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Bethany’s shower: I used the Holiday Control Journal’s basic ideas for event planning to prepare for hosting Bethany’s shower today. Okay, so that’s not rocket science, but it’s a new way for me to function.

I am so excited since today promises to be fairly stress-free because of our planning. I purchased all of the groceries and paper products already. And we even decorated last night! I know I keep saying this, but being able to actually identify and complete components of an event that can be done ahead of time instead of waiting until the Big Day to do everything is strong evidence that I am being completely Flywashed.

Thanks, again, Flylady!


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