Flylady and My Being Honest

This past week, I have been made aware of yet another person in the homeschooling, “quiverfull” arena who was very vocal and visible, but who now condemns everything she once promoted, including basic Christianity. This is nothing new. But it is disturbing to me because these women work very hard at appearing, especially in their copious written work, to be something that they are NOT. When more information is revealed about them, either by their own admission or by someone else’s discovery, I am never surprised at their change in behavior. They obviously have been, at the very least, hiding information about themselves, or, at the worst, outright lying.

What does this have to do with Flylady? Well, in writing this blog, I want to be honest. I do not want to portray my life as something that it is not. I don’t think that it is helpful to others to gloss over difficulties. Yet, I want the whole tone of this blog to be encouraging because I am encouraged by Flylady! Consequently, I want to focus on the positive aspects of how Flylady has influenced our lives and how we are incorporating her ideas in our large, homeschooling family lifestyle. So, finding a balance in being honest and yet encouraging can be a challenge some days.

One thing that I did want to say this morning is that even though we are making Flylady’s routines fit our lifestyle and even though we enjoy the results and benefits of being out of CHAOS, free of guilt and FLYing, my actual attitude toward homemaking tasks is still the same. I do NOT like them. I doubt that I ever will. In fact, it is a constant struggle to even continue to do them. My attitude toward homemaking tasks did not change by incorporating Flylady into our lives. That is the honest part. BUT, the encouraging part is that I now have a way to get something done that I do not like doing but that needs to be done on a daily basis.



4 Responses to “Flylady and My Being Honest”

  1. Joey Says:

    Thanks for being honest. Honesty is good. Thanks for being YOU!

  2. Sandra Says:

    I just found your link on the Flylady homeschool blog. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog! I appreciate your honesty. I’d like to ask a few questions. Can you email me? Thanks!

  3. sara Says:

    Thank you for saying that. How much of what she says do you incorporate? I notice I can get a serious bad attitude real fast if I think I have to do everything she says…but when I know that I want to improve my home and be a better wife and mother, I usually choose what works for me, and sometimes stretch myself with a challenge.

    • thetruevine Says:

      Interestingly (at least to me:-)), right now, I’m pretty much doing my own routine and not incorporating much of Flylady’s “suggested” routine. Yet, I’m still keeping up with the house and it’s working for me. I know what you mean, though, about easily developing a bad attitude trying to keep up with Flylady’s exact routine. It’s much better for me when I just utilize her general ideas and create my own routine. I seem to have less of a bad attitude. And I think that’s what Flylady is aiming for. 🙂

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