Flylady and Priorities

With Levi’s accident at the forefront of my mind, I’m having a bit of trouble focusing on stuff like cleaning, laundry and planning for the holidays. I guess this is another way that Flylady is helpful. My routines are in place so that, even though I am mentally distracted, I am able to keep cleaning and doing laundry.

However, this whole incident has me, once again, diligently trying to figure out how to balance my Flylady chores with other activities that really should take higher priority in the big scheme of things. I don’t want my homemaking tasks to take up so much of my time every day. I don’t want them to take up so much of my mental focus. I realize that one of the goals of using Flylady routines is to put these tasks almost on “auto pilot” so they don’t take up as much mental or physical energy, but I haven’t reached that point, yet.

Thinking, thinking, thinking….



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