Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Bunco

In the midst of all of this weeks’ illnesses and accidents, I hosted Bunco. Thankfully, we had already planned to have Bunco at Amelia’s house because there was no way that our house was even remotely virus-free, yet. And, thankfully, I still feel fine.

And, also thankfully, I had used Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal to plan out my Bunco menu weeks ago. I had bought the Bunco prizes last month, so I wasn’t even scrambling around trying to find those this week. Because I had already purchased the prizes and planned the menu (I had even run off the recipes, as Flylady suggests for the holiday meals) AND we were holding it at Amelia’s house, I decided that I would go ahead and host Bunco, as planned.

Because of everything going on with illness at our house, I had not done the grocery shopping, yet, nor prepared any of the food at all by late yesterday afternoon. In fact, I was at the grocery store at 5:00pm and Bunco was set to start at 6:30pm. This was exactly what I was trying to avoid by planning ahead. Yet, because I had the menu planned out and the recipes run off, I was able, with Mom’s, Stephen’s and Amelia’s help, to get the food started well before any guests arrived. I ended up pulling the dessert out of the oven right when it was time to eat between the first and second rounds. Perfect timing.

So, thanks to Amelia, Stephen, Mom, Joey and Flylady, I was able to meet my annual Bunco-hosting obligations despite everything else that was going on. And we even had a good time!


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