More Thoughts on Flylady and Illness

This past week I never knew if or when I would suddenly come down with the dreaded gastrointestinal illness. Because of that, I didn’t put off for one moment any chores that needed to be completed. The laundry was done immediately. I didn’t procrastinate about exercising on non-Jazzercise days. Yes, these tasks are in my Control Journal. Yes, they are assigned to certain times of the day. Yet, on typical days, I sometimes find myself, for example, putting off doing the laundry. Instead of doing it immediately when I wake up (because I always have a load set on the washer’s timer that is just getting done when I get up), I sometimes put it off until right when the kids are waking up. Or, even worse, sometimes until right after lunch. There is no reason for this procrastination. No reason at all. Laundry first thing in the morning fits perfectly into my routine.

When I don’t do it immediately, however, it becomes a tiny little nagging chore in the back of my mind instead of a completed task to be mentally checked off. It was a relief to always have those chores checked off, even if I were getting them done in anticipation of possibly NOT being able to do them for awhile.

So, it was a gentle reminder this week not to put off any little daily task that’s in my Flylady routine “just because.”


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