Make It With Wool

I am so grateful that yesterday Amelia, Clara, Margaret, Eleanor and I all felt well enough to attend the state Make It With Wool contest. I was still a little leery of coming down with the stomach bug myself, so I was especially glad that Amelia and Clara felt well enough to accompany us, just in case I started feeling unwell. (Thankfully, I felt fine all day!)

Like Strictly Strings and 4-H, Make It With Wool is an activity that I love because of its ability to unify our family while allowing individuals to express themselves. Since 1998, members of our family have been sewing with wool to enter this contest. The kids have made everything from simple skirts and vests to elaborate historically accurate garments. It’s always a learning, as well as a bonding, experience. And, we have enjoyed getting to know other contestants over the years.

In 2010, there will be only a state contest (no preliminary district contests) and it is in our part of the state. Amelia and Clara mentioned that they might enter again next year. Hmm…I think that I’ll encourage Jacob and Tim and even Charlotte to start thinking about entries. Who knows, maybe I’ll sew something. It’s Family Fun!

P.S. Margaret placed fourth in the pre-teen category and won a lovely pair of shears.


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