Family Fun and Date Night

While some of us had a bit of Family Fun on Saturday at the Make It With Wool contest, I don’t think that would really “count” as our Family Fun for the week. At the same time, I was really tired and not feeling especially motivated to come up with a Family Fun plan on Sunday. Then, we remembered that the free matinee at the movie theater was showing. This week’s movie was “UP.” Oh, yea! Going to the movies is always considered a fun treat so after church, we all watched “UP” together.

Then, because we had 4-H Recognition Night instead of Date Night this past week, Joey and I sent the younger kids home with Clara, Jacob and Tim and we had Date Night. I am becoming more and more convinced of the necessity of taking breaks for renewal, so I’m especially glad that we were able to have Date Night this week after all. I’m also going to try to read more of what Flylady has to say about spiritual renewal and taking care of oneself and begin incorporating those ideas more concretely into my daily routine.

And, today, we are going to have some special Family Fun since we are celebrating the finalization of Anne’s adoption!

NOTE: It is my general policy in this blog to mention activities after they have been accomplished. When I was writing about Anne’s finalization before it actually happened, I thought that it was fairly safe to go ahead. But, wouldn’t you know, her finalization did not occur yesterday due to some miscommunication. Sigh. Next time I mention her finalization, it will be a done deal.


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One Response to “Family Fun and Date Night”

  1. Joey Says:

    Yep, date night is a must. How does Friday look?

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