Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Holiday Cruising Mission #27

I was so excited when I read Flylady’s Holiday Cruising Mission for today because I had already finished my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving! Last night after Jazzercise, I was tired, but I thought, No, don’t put off grocery shopping another moment. You have your list and your money with you. You have no little “helpers” to distract you. The grocery store is almost entirely empty and every aisle is packed full of ingredients you need. Just do it!

So, I listened to myself and just did it. I know that I saved time because there were probably five other people in the whole store. Everything I needed was on sale and in stock. And the reason I was able to easily talk myself into completing the shopping was because I had long ago made out the menu, copied off the recipes and made a grocery list, thanks to Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal.

Now, let’s see if I can manage to talk myself into making all of the props for the Thanksgiving play today and not tomorrow….


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2 Responses to “Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Holiday Cruising Mission #27”

  1. Paula Says:

    You go! We had a similar experience Sat……we had our menu and list ready….hit Sam’s successfully…a then we went to HEB…..EVERYONE in College Station was there….we had to cruz around looking for a parking place. I really wanted to ditch the shopping altogether and head home. However, the voice of reason (Stephen) convinced me that we could divide and conquer…..and we moved quickly and effeciently thru the store. We successfully completed our list! hooray! So, mission accomplished! Holiday shoppin for the week, COMPLETE!!!!!!

    • thetruevine Says:

      Bor! You found me! Well, you were born organized, so this doesn’t surprise me. 🙂 You’re checking all kinds of major things off of your list this week!!

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