Christmas Decorating on the FLY in Zone 1

I was so excited about my new wreath that I decided to hang it on my pantry door where I can view it all of the time. So, when I read the Decorating on the FLY in Zone 1 this week, I decided to deliberately purchase some inexpensive outdoor wreaths and one strand of additional outdoor lights. I got two, $2 wreaths and a $1 strand of red garland, which I wrapped around each of them. They are now going to be hung on our front and back doors. If the weather becomes frightful, I have no worries since I didn’t really invest much in either wreath nor put many additional decorations on. Yet, the glittering garland is rather festive, I think.

The lights I bought probably fall into this month’s habit category since I love big, colorful, bulb-y Christmas lights. It was a treat to me to buy an additional strand so our two porches now have coordinating lights. (Joey said he knew I would do that since I like symmetry and matching and stuff like that. Oh, he’s so clever, isn’t he?)

So, for about $10, we’ve decorated a little more for Christmas.


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2 Responses to “Christmas Decorating on the FLY in Zone 1”

  1. Flylady and Perfectionism and Decorating on the Fly in Zone 1 « 365 Days with Flylady Says:

    […] noticed more subtle occasions when perfectionism tries to sneak into my life. For example, I had purchased and decorated my Christmas wreaths for Zone 1. I had only to purchase the door hangers, which I did. Then, right before I was about to hang the […]

  2. Joey Says:

    So far, they’ve held on tight and do the sub-zero temps pretty well too! 🙂

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