Flylady and Perfectionism and Decorating on the Fly in Zone 1

Ever since I wrote about perfectionism a couple of days ago, I’ve noticed more subtle occasions when perfectionism tries to sneak into my life. For example, I had purchased and decorated my Christmas wreaths for Zone 1. I had only to purchase the door hangers, which I did. Then, right before I was about to hang the wreaths, I decided that I would add bows made from the leftover ribbon from my Glittery Fruit Wreath. That was when perfectionism sneaked up on me.

I found myself frustrated with making the bows because they didn’t look “perfect” and I came very, very close to setting the whole project aside. Well, you know what happens when you set aside a project because of perfectionism! Those wreaths, hangers and all, would have been right where I left them on my kitchen counter, quietly, constantly reminding me that I needed to finish them, until I got fed up with their nagging and banished them to the storeroom until “later” when I had time to make a “perfect” bow.

In that scenario, we wouldn’t be enjoying the wreaths or the decorating I’d already done on them. AND I would have an unfinished project lurking in the back of my mind. So, instead of banishing the wreaths, I banished perfectionism. I looked online for simple bow-making instructions that might work with the ribbon I had. In the course of about 10 minutes, I came up with a couple of decent, presentable bows that were NOT perfect, I attached them to my wreaths and I hung the wreaths on our front and back doors to be enjoyed throughout the holiday season.

That was one perfectionism situation recognized, hauled into the light and dealt with. Wait until I tell you about the gift-giving perfectionism, though….

P.S. This is my 100th post!


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