Flylady and Snow Days

I had the best day yesterday! First, because of the snow, everyone was home all day (except Amelia, Stephen and Levi, of course). Since quality time is my primary love language, just having everyone home to interact with and talk to all day was heavenly. Oh, my! What bliss!

Second, I got to complete a chore that I have difficulty chipping away at 15 minutes at a time: entirely switching out the seasonal clothes for everyone. I love our Family Closet and the way we have all of the clothing (current- and out-of-season, fitting- and waiting-to-be-grown-into) in one, easily accessible, clearly visible location. Theoretically, I should be able to grab the box of winter, size 6, girl’s tops and just plug it into Charlotte’s tops slot. Inevitably, though, there are tops in there that fit the last wearer (Lydia, in this case), but just don’t work for the current wearer. (This example is perfect because Lydia is very, very slim and Charlotte is of average build.) So, I really need to quickly go through each box as I trade it out and make sure that the clothing in it will work for the current wearer while filling the Goodwill bag with the rejects.

Because all of the kids were home, I could start at the top, passing down out-grown clothing that had strayed from its appropriate box, double-checking for fit, etc. If I were to try to do this 15-minutes at a time, it would take me, let’s see, twenty-two sessions. In between sessions, those clothes that were being passed down would be sitting somewhere in the Family Closet room. When I finally got back to them in the next session, I would forget where they were supposed to go, or they would have been strewn about by some innocent by-stander. I’m not saying that someone else with better memory couldn’t do this task 15-minutes at a time, I’m just saying that I can’t do it efficiently in spurts. SO, Joey and I had already planned to do this on a day when he was home and could supervise and tend to the small folk while I focused on this job for several hours. That day was yesterday. Everyone’s clothing is now tidily returned to its appropriate spot and the Goodwill bag is ready to be delivered.

The third thing I got to do yesterday was listen to Flylady’s 10th anniversary show on blog talk radio. Usually, I would have been at Jazzercise during the show, but, due to the snow, I was, obviously, home. That was the first time I’d logged in to the show. For some reason, I thought our slow internet connection would make it no fun to listen to, but it was as clear and consistent as any regular radio reception. (I’m probably showing my ignorance of technology right now!) It was fun to hear people’s comments and to participate in the chat. I’m going to try to participate more often, now.

The fourth treat of the day was more Family Fun. After supper (and after I had practiced my piano part for the church Christmas program — that’s a 15-minutes-at-a-time project, for sure), Joey got out the Bingo game. Oh, my. You should hear Anne holler out random letters and numbers and squeal. It’s hilarious. So, the day ended with everyone (except Amelia, Stephen and Levi, of course) gathered around the table playing Bingo and laughing.

I love snow days!


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