Flylady, Perfectionism and Christmas Gifts

One thing I really like about Flylady is how she is always prompting me to think about the gut-level, even subconscious, motivations for my behaviors. Of course, I think a lot about perfectionism, as well as procrastination. (I found this very interesting, for example.) I think that examining and resolving the “real” issues behind the behaviors that resulted in CHAOS to start with will bring about long-term success and FLYing.

So, the other day, I found myself analyzing my very strong tendency to put off assembling Christmas gifts for extended family and local friends. I mean, after all, we planned it all out, bought the ingredients, were ready to go, and, until Joey actually took some time to put it all together, the ingredients just sat on my kitchen island. Why?

Many years ago, I used to love to search and search and search to find the perfect gift for each person on my list. Gift-giving is not even my love language, so I know that wasn’t my motivation. Did I want each person to think, Ah, the BEST gift I received this year was from Lisa? And what difference would it make if they did think that?

Time and budgetary restraints eliminated that practice a long time ago, but I obviously have some residual desire to provide the BEST, the perfect, present to each gift recipient. I know that I can’t possibly attempt to do that anymore, so, even though I’ve planned for some decent gifts that will hopefully communicate the message that we love and are thinking of each recipient at this special time of year, I put off actually assembling the gifts.

I’m hoping that thinking about this issue will help me start to eliminate that desire to give the perfect gift. I’m hoping that I can enjoy the process and focus on the message that we’re trying to communicate by giving gifts. Thanks, Flylady, for making me think.


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