Flylady and Christmas Busy-ness

Thanks, in part, to Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal, I am not feeling at all overwhelmed about upcoming Christmas activities. Consequently, it stands out to me (much more than in previous years) when women start complaining about how busy they are this time of year and how stressed out they are. In the past, I may have agreed with them or sympathized. But, this year, I feel like asking them, “Why? Why are you allowing yourself to be overbooked with activities? Why are you succumbing to anything that makes this season stressful?” I want to assure them that they don’t have to produce some “perfect” Christmas memory for their families if it means they are stressed and upset in the meantime. I want to help them stop and examine what they are doing and why.

Wait…that’s Flylady’s job! I think I’ve been thoroughly Flywashed!


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2 Responses to “Flylady and Christmas Busy-ness”

  1. Joey Says:

    Yes, it has been a much less stressful preparation time. Now if we can only get these cars runnin’. :-).

  2. Paula Says:

    Amen! sister…..I have had to consciously give myself permission NOT to decorate my house to the extreme,……creating stress for myself after the holiday when I feel the need to de-clutter and minimalize at the exact time that I have to return to work…, this year I have a great justification….I’m going to use my preparation time on the wedding event and making sure that we are prepared and in good spirits and NOT worry about decorations for food prep… at our house!

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