Flylady and Last Minute Grocery Shopping

Well, despite Flylady’s admonitions to the contrary, I did have to do some last minute grocery shopping yesterday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Since there was also the threat of a blizzard looming, the grocery store was packed. I mean, packed. Thankfully, all of the shelves were fully stocked. I was thinking the whole time, however, that I had really intended to avoid this last minute grocery shopping.

Ah, well, there’s always next year to tweak my Holiday Control Journal, right?


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2 Responses to “Flylady and Last Minute Grocery Shopping”

  1. Alissa Says:

    Haha, I was in there at 6:30pm yesterday. Ahhhh, it was crazy:S

    • thetruevine Says:

      Wasn’t that wild? I’ve never waited that long to check out. But, it was kind of fun, too, seeing so many people. 🙂

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