Love, Joy and Peace for Christmas

Well, here we are. This is Christmas Eve! I feel like I’ve already been given my Christmas gift because, due to the storm, I was able to spend all day yesterday with Joey and ALL of the kids. It looks like today might be shaping up to be a repeat of yesterday, too.

How does Flylady fit into this scene? Because of the Holiday Control Journal, I was able to just BE with my family yesterday. Sure, I was attending to some Swishing and Swiping and laundry and Hot Spots. But, I wasn’t in a panic mode that I hadn’t done my Christmas shopping, yet, or that any of the kids still had to do Christmas shopping. All of the groceries were purchased. There was nothing essential for celebrating Christmas that hadn’t already been completed.

I just got to — and get to — experience the love, joy and peace of this celebration of the Word becoming flesh.



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