Flylady and “Leadership Development”

Because we are former students of Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine, we receive their publication, CVM Today. I usually just skim through each issue to see if there are references to former classmates or profs and promptly toss it in the trash. This time, though, a couple of articles caught my eye. One was on leadership development.

Now, leadership development is not a topic that I think about very often, but I realized, in reading this article, that, thanks to Flylady, I practice leadership development every day. The author of the article extensively quotes John Maxwell’s book, Leadership 101. He mentions that “the first step toward true leadership growth starts with self-discovery, taking inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.” Oh, yeah. Flylady prompts me to face the fact that perfectionism is a weakness. And she’s constantly prodding me to acknowledge how perfectionism negatively impacts my productivity, especially in my home where I am a leader. She also points out the strengths of those of us with this type of personality.

The author of the article continues with a discussion about why people don’t implement new practices or procedures about which they are initially enthusiastic. One point he brings out is the need for a “sustainable effort made toward [a potential leadership behavioral change or the implementation of a new business plan] within 48 hours of the mental commitment.” Aha! Flylady comes to the rescue, again. Once we’ve acknowledged that we’re living in CHAOS and that perfectionism is a huge part of the problem, Flylady provides us with a blueprint for a sustainable effort in the form of her Daily Flight Plans, Control Journal and encouraging reminders.

Thanks, Flylady, for helping me successfully practice leadership development in my household every day! Who knew?



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