Company without CHAOS

Have you ever watched the reality television show, “Groomer Has It” on Animal Planet? Well, about a year ago, we faithfully trudged into Mom and Dad’s house (they have satellite television) every Saturday night to watch season two of “Groomer Has It” because one of Jacob’s long-distance grooming mentors was a participant. Her name is Lisa Leady and she has been a great supporter of Jacob as he improves his dog grooming skills, patiently answering all of his questions and encouraging him in his competitions.

This fall, Groom Team USA, a team of top groomers who compete internationally, was holding fund-raising auctions to support their travel costs. Jacob won an auction for Lisa Leady’s hands-on training. And the training session is this weekend! Clara and Levi picked her up at the airport yesterday on their way home from their honeymoon and they all joined us for a pizza supper last night.

It’s so nice to get to visit with Lisa, again (we met her in person at the grooming competition in Chicago this past summer). AND it’s so nice that since we don’t have any CHAOS around here anymore, I didn’t spend all day yesterday frantically cleaning. The only thing that I really had to do was mop (which was the Zone Mission for the day, anyway).

Yea! for company! Yea! for no CHAOS!



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