A Little More Pampering

Yesterday, after we dropped off Lisa Leady at the airport, we went to Target to stock up on paper products. This was the same Target at which I had purchased that reed diffuser for such a discounted price. I The reed diffuser is in our second-floor bathroom and every single time I start to walk upstairs, I smell that delicious fragrance wafting down at me. It makes me feel happy. So, I decided to detour down the same aisle yesterday to see if there were another deeply discounted fall fragrance. Yep, sure, enough, there was a delicious-smelling pumpkin pie spice (or something like that) for about $3. I decided spend a little more of my Christmas money on another diffuser.

The neat thing was, that once I got home and showed it to Joey, he commented on how he always thought we would have good smelling items in our home, but that we had kind of gotten away from that. I mentioned that we had tried candles, but I was a little nervous about lighted candles with so many small people around. So, it turns out that these reed diffusers and their “good smells” are something that both of us are enjoying.



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