Master Bedroom Zone Missions

When I saw the Sneak Peek for this week’s Zone Missions, I think I let out an audible groan. Why? Well, the Master Bedroom is the most difficult Zone for me to clean while supervising small people. It’s not really that it’s very messy at all, so it’s not a lot of work to clean it. It’s just that the Master Bedroom is way out of the way of the general flow of traffic and activity. Consequently, I have to make a concerted effort to plan for time to clean there. But, I was inspired by some of Kelly’s ideas for Master Bedroom makeovers, so, hopefully, I’ll find it a little easier to make the effort.



One Response to “Master Bedroom Zone Missions”

  1. Paula Says:

    this is the one and only time that having a master bedroom out of the flow of traffice is NOT a positive….ha!

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