Flylady Gets Inside My Head, Again

Flylady, as usual, knows what is going on in my head. She demonstrated this very recently with this post on “Why Your Home Gets Messy.” I especially liked the part where she said:

Your home gets messy because you don’t think you have time clean it up!

Oh, and there was this observation:

When we quit blaming others for the messiness then we will start to see windows of opportunity to pick up and put away.

But Flylady always offers a solution to the issues she helps me identify:

The keys to keeping your home clean is to pick up after yourself, get rid of clutter and to quit complaining that you don’t have time.

And she always gets very specific:

Those words, “I don’t have time” are a red flag for you! They tell you that your perfectionism is taking over. When you hear yourself say those words or think them; I want you to pick up 5 things and put them away.

This is why Flylady works for me. She helps me identify the sabotaging self-talk. THEN she offers me a practical, do-able solution.

I love Flylady!



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